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Accounting services
  • Financial Statement processing
  • Preparation of materials for tax returns (VAT, summary report, income taxes, road tax)
  • Representation in dealing with health insurance companies
  • Representation in dealing with social security administrators
  • Representation in dealing with the trade licensing office
  • Representation in inspections at the individual state organisations and health insurance companies
  • Processing and keeping the accounting of legal entities
  • Processing and keeping the accounting of natural persons
  • Keeping records of long-term assets, liabilities and receivables

What for you are interested in

Condacting of book-keeping and tax evidation, writing auditor gen report, processing of tax return (with aplication of tax optimalization)


Hillcom TAX OFFICE, s.r.o.
Kvítková 4352
760 01 Zlín
DIC: CZ27733661
34. budova, Areál Svit
760 01 Zlín
tel.: 577 523 254
fax: 577 523 240
Czech Republic 


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